The Hive Seed

Hive Seed

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Usage: 2 tablets per day

The Hive Seed was designed to cause a noticeable uplift in your subjective experience of focus, energy, and mood motivation within 35 minutes of taking it, as well as support long-term brain health and central nervous system function. 

The effect of propolis on brain cells had been unknown in professional literature. Tests conducted by the Ruđer Bošković Institute have shown that the NATIVE PROPOLIS could protect the brain from damage and atrophy of nerve cells,
According to Dr. Axe, bee propolis is a therapeutic natural mixture that’s produced by honey bees.

Brain Health
Due to the high amino acid content, bee pollen benefits include keeping the brain healthy. Memory is kept active and functional even in old age. It is also important as it ensures that one's concentration is kept on the maximum through glutamic acid. This is a very important benefit especially for people who rely on an active brain for school work and official purposes. It helps keep the mind alert at all time hence maintaining focus, especially where it is much needed.